Procurement has become tougher with increased competition. It is procurement that can ensure reliability of vendors and service providers. It must be clear how the vendor provides services/goods/works, and how the client monitors and evaluates them. The problem is that small, unclear points can end up in major misunderstandings and losses on any/both side(s). We came up with this course to address the “research-based” needs of logistics managers for required tendering and bidding skills. This comprehensive training workshop will ensure the effective and efficient use of tendering skills.

This training will help you to learn:


  • Understand the process of needs assessment
  • Use comparison of in-house versus outsource hiring
  • Develop bids
  • Understand the legal framework
  • Comprehend tender processing, selection, and award of contract
  • Follow vendor management; monitoring and evaluation
  • Understand services vs. goods control of vendor delivery
  • Learn how to relate costs to milestones
  • Grasp asset and procurement output management
  • Comprehend continuous learning and quality improvement

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for any procurement or non-procurement professional involved in the planning, creation, issue, receipt, or evaluation of tenders.

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