The majority of projects and programs intend to ensure equality of both men and women. Practical tools will help to implement projects/programs which will help you to become more efficient in implementing gender mainstreaming. You will learn tools that are based on proven success, and will enable frontline field workers to follow lead. This course is matching international norms and guidelines with planning tools, field implementation approaches and guidelines, as well as case by case monitoring and evaluation. It includes various real life case studies and best practices.

This training will help you to learn:


  • Revision of gender definitions
  • Why equality and equity
  • Are inclusive approaches possible?
  • Preliminary tools to ensure gender mainstreaming in assessments
  • Project/program design and gender mainstreaming
  • Impact evaluation

Who Should Attend:

This course is useful for any development worker from NGOs, governments, and private sector. It can benefit all levels of management, team leaders, NGO directors, CEOs, business owners, and project managers. It also helps Consultants, and freelancers interested in the subject.

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