Incentives and profit is one of the motivation factors in human nature. As a team the spirit of winning motivates all team members. While we do not anticipate profit, and are not in a market competition, how can we keep our staff motivated and deliver the best service?

We come up with this course to address the “research-based” needs of executives and managers for business communication skills. This comprehensive five-day training workshop will ensure the effective and efficient use of graphic communication and will be a value for money./p>

This training will help you to learn:


  • Leadership concepts applicable in non-profit teams
  • Mission and vision of a non-profit organization
  • How visionary leaders make people follow their vision
  • Poor leadership styles
  • Good governance and assignment of responsibility
  • Board members, executive teams and field managers
  • Applying macro level knowledge for micro-level progress
  • Linking your donors with beneficiaries

Who should attend?

This course is not useful, but necessary for any level of management, team leaders, NGO directors, CEOs, business owners, and project manager. It also helps Consultants, and freelancers.

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