As a manager at any level of an organization, or any department, you will need to work with a team. That emerges the need for two sets of skills: 1) managing your team, and 2) building on their capabilities. The modern day manager has to be equipped with the skills of human resources management and talent management, which will help managers get the best out of their people. This comprehensive training workshop offers a unique, affordable, cost-effective opportunity for learners to ensure they meet the competitive market demands of modern HRM skills..

This training will help you to learn:


  • Understand the principles of Human Resource Management
  • Learn how an organization should manage its Human Resources
  • Confidently recruit the right person with the right package of benefits
  • Use workforce planning
  • Use the most effective recruitment options and modern tools
  • Understand Human Resources development and its benefits
  • Use planning need-based training and coaching programs

Who Should Attend:

This course benefits all levels of management, executives, team leaders, HR Managers, Front line and Middle Managers, Consultants, and HR Specialists who wish to increase their knowledge in this area. The course also benefits HR consultants and freelancers whose job is to consult in recruitment and HRM.

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