Assumptions about current management practices: There is a distinct gap between employee performance and the company vision When assigning jobs to employees, managers seldom provide employees with the right discipline Reprimands, pay cuts, or dismissals are used to encourage better performance, but the disciplinary action does not always improve employee Managers pay little attention to creating conditions that allow employees to develop their abilities, and they show little concern for helping employees who already do a satisfactory job to become outstanding Many managers are not aware of their responsibility for motivating. Motivating employees is often left up to company policy and is not flexible enough to deal with individual cases..

This training will help you to learn:


  • Get personal and leadership assessments and tools and identify your style
  • Team problem solve
  • Adjust your communication style to a different type of audience
  • Define what is leadership and why it is required for modern day managers
  • Define work motives from a management perspective
  • Name the factors that can influence the behavior of the people they work with
  • Describe vision building, team building, and high morals for work
  • Describe the manager’s role in motivating their employees

Who should attend?

The participants of this workshop are people who own small or medium sized enterprises or who are holding managerial and/or supervisory positions. The Motivating People course is also applicable to those whose job involves organizing and controlling the work of a team.

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