1. Assumptions about current management practices The course is based on the following assumptions about management practices. Managers at all level are Managers, particularly business owners, want to control everything. Managers are involved in operations, or worse in handling daily Managers do everything by Efforts are appreciated more than the Managers have a multi-functional role. 2. Assumptions about participants’ knowledge and skills It is assumed that managers believe that effectiveness is the key of their job performance and that they are ineffective in a number of ways at their jobs. Also there is a lack of understanding of themselves and the ways that would make their directions effective. Participants are assumed not to have specific techniques and plans to develop themselves.

This training will help you to learn:


  • recognize the needs to be effective at work;
  • explain the positive attitude and behavior that should be followed in the workplace;
  • assess their own effectiveness;
  • identify the skills needed to improve their own effectiveness;
  • choose appropriate forms of development;
  • set a plan for personal development.

Who should attend?

The Becoming a More Effective Manager course is designed for those who manage groups of people, including:

  • business owners of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs);
  • CEOs of SMEs;
  • Managers at any level in

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