Adult education require the set of training skills that help the trainer ensure all participants are competent by the completion of the training. Trainers and training managers must come up with methodologies and tools that defines core competencies expected by the end of training and ensures they are achieved by every single participant. This comprehensive training workshop is geared towards helping people already involved in training or intended to conduct trainings. This qualification offers a unique, affordable, cost-effective opportunity to master conducting trainings with maximum outcome.

This training will help you to learn:


  • Why skill training is different from other trainings
  • Specific characters of adult learning/education
  • Matching course designs with standards of practice
  • Utilizing need assessments to design course goals
  • Developing learning objectives
  • Developing and implementation of lesson plans
  • Practice at a competency level, training methodologies
  • Conduct classroom activities and interactive presentations
  • Conduct quizzes and participants’ assessments for skill training
  • Course logistics, time management and administrative documentation
  • Evaluating participants’ competency and taking actions.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for any team leader, CEO, business owner, HR manager and project manager or anyone who is conducting training, involved in people development. It also helps Consultants, and HR Specialists who are working as freelancers and wish to increase their knowledge in this area.

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